What you really are? And how are you seen by others? We’ll make them see you

in a good light - and make you really become great. Transformation of notion

and transformation of oneself is the path to harmony and success. And

our business is to safely lead you along the way.




It all depends on what people know, how they think, what they like, what they are concerned with,

what they believe right, what emotions they experience.

Only this matters!


Coca-Cola Ukraine chose us from among 6 competent Ukrainian agencies to organize the All-Ukrainian contest «Who inspires you?" to select torch-bearers for participation in the Olympic Torch Relay.

Since the day we’ve been working together for 14 years. During this time RADNYK has carried out more than 100 projects for Coca-Cola Ukraine.

Back in the early 2000’s we offered services as a press and analytical center for MPs.

Since the time we’ve participated in all elections, offered advice to parties and individual politicians, produced and placed political advertising, organized congresses, helped politicians take part in talk-shows and appear in the media.


Kyivstar asked us to prepare their anniversary annual corporate report.

Following the results of the annual "Best Corporate Media" contest, the report we’ve prepared for Kyivstar ranked third in the nomination "For the contribution to the image of the leader, quality and professionalism".


Wine-market chain Polyana asked us to teach Ukrainians to appreciate quality wine.

We’ve launched long-term special educational projects at and, made promotion of the "First Festival of Wine". Our approaches became a model to be copied by other market players.

The Ministry of Labour and IBRD decided to inform the public about the new system of social assistance in Ukraine.

And our bid won! We’ve conducted an information campaign, provided publications in the media, prepared information materials and radio programs, organized seminars, press conferences and round tables.

A US company tasked us to explain the nature of its investment project for oil and gas production in Ukraine to the public.

For several years we have campaigned to educate the public and government officials, organized a press conference and exclusive interviews with the CEO, prepared analytical reports.

Coca-Cola Ukraine assigned us with the task to highlight its role in the development and maintenance of national culture, including ethnic festival "Krayina Mriy" (The Dream Country).

We came up with the “Embroider with Coca-Cola” contest causing a stir in the media, provided the work of the press center, organized an online broadcasting of the festival for the first time. In general, RADNYK has worked during three "Krayina Mriy" festivals.

Food Empire Holdings had built the MacCoffee plant in Zolotonosha and instructed us to inform Ukrainians on its launch.

We organized a press tour from Kyiv and established a communications center for the transmission of texts, photos and videos from the scene to get into the news on the opening day of the plant.

The Klitschko Foundation hired us to inform the public about its social initiative “Call friends – Let’s play together!” through which it opens new children's playgrounds in Ukraine.

We’ve been working with the Foundation since 2007 informing the media, preparing press releases and information materials, inviting journalists, bloggers and guests of honor to inaugurations of playgrounds.

We were asked to show the contribution of Coca-Cola Ukraine in the development of sports, particularly into EURO 2012.

We developed a dedicated sensational campaign, “100 days till EURO”, presented it to the media and visitors of the Coca-Cola fan zone in the cities where the matches were held; joined in for the presentation of the UEFA EURO 2012 Cup on Maidan; organized the selection of young people to bear flags on the Euro in Ukraine.

Coca-Cola Ukraine tasked us to organize the selection of two young footballers from Ukraine to visit Mundial in Brazil.

We’ve created a selection scheme and identified the two most worthy; filmed a video about these young players; informed the whole Ukraine about the two lucky ones.

An environmental organization and business entity have addressed us with the task to inform Ukraine about their environmental cooperation.

We offered to organize a joint photo contest with National Geographic Ukraine, attracted bloggers, social media, organized a trip for winners and media professionals to the conservation area, made a film about the project, highlighted the signing of a memorandum with the Ministry of Ecology.

We have an Anti-Corruption Program.

From now on, we are guided in our actions by the Anti-Corruption Program. 

With this Anti-Corruption Program, the LLC Radnyk PR Agency (hereinafter – the Enterprise) declares that its employees, officials, top-manager and founders (participants) in its internal activities, as well as in legal relations with business partners, public authorities, local governments are guided by the principle of "zero tolerance" to any manifestations of corruption and will take all measures provided by law to prevent, detect and resist corruption and related actions (practices).

The Program and changes to it are approved by the director of the Enterprise and put into effect by the order of the director of the Enterprise after its discussion with the employees of the Enterprise. The text of the anti-corruption program is freely available at the link





Every company, every person, every brand or product is a unique story. We’ll create your best story and help implementing it – a story which people will believe in, a story of which they’ll want to be a part.



Airlines are communications for travelling. Optical fiber is communications for digital data. We provide communication for senses: an access to human attention and trust.



To become the first one is to replace the leader at the top. To become recognizable is to change the society’s perception. To become favorite is to change the emotions of people. We provide changes.



Communications that transform are the only ones that make sense. Only communications can make a real difference. Ideas, knowledge and emotions are stronger than power and money.


Get access to the Media

Thanks to our well-established contacts with the media, you can count on their interest in what is happening in your business.

Meet expectations of Ukrainians

Thanks to our experience, we feel the subtleties of perception of Ukrainian public of what it sees in the media, and we’ll help to create a message that people will trust.

Be modern and efficient

We do not share the pessimism about the traditional media and don’t blindly believe in the new media only. We make them work together.

Avoid risk

While working with us you avoid the risk of making a mistake in the field that is new for you – in public relations.


Our clients are companies and organizations that are more than

just a business for us. We’ve been changing together.


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